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The #1 app in Graphics & Design

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Bazaart is a photo editor and graphic design app that will help you easily create beautiful photo collages, professional designs and stunning collage art.

Your one-stop shop for photo editing & design

These days, you need to do so many things. Promote your brand on social media, invite friends to a party, or finish a project, all in one day!
Whatever your task, Bazaart is here to help.

Master design today

Master design today

Create professional looking designs in seconds with templates on your phone and tablet.

Do the impossible

Do the impossible

Magically remove the background from any photo and effortlessly blend multiple photos into one.

Make your photos pop

Make your photos pop

Use curated graphics and fonts to create eye-catching designs that no one can ignore.

No.1 App in Graphics and Design
Create without limits.
Allows you to edit photos, images and create whatever you want! Excellent app!
by Mamy Vacunas
Best of App Store Award
Love this app.
This app is so easy to use, great for advertising, fabulous templates. A must try if you own a business.
United States,
by DrN@rip
Editors' Choice
I can be a designer too!
Perfect tool for DIY posters, postcards and many more. Just love it!
by Jaj666
No.1 App in Graphics and Design
I’ve been using this app for years!
My friends think I’m the editing guru but they have no idea how easy it is to edit photos with Bazaart.
United States,
by Olivia the thrilla
Best of App Store Award
Best editing app!
The Swiss Army knife of photo editor apps.
by Giudittaa
Editors' Choice
Wow, even you can be an artist!
Easy to use and the creations are endless. Emailed Bazaart team with a question on a ‘how-to’ & got a response pronto. Highly recommend!
United States,
by Angela3950
An artistic design of a man on a skateboard with half the background removed made with Bazaart photo editor inside the app's interface

Magic Eraser

Magically remove the background from any photo. This is your secret weapon when you need to get rid of the current background of a photo with people, pets, products or anything else.

Using cutting-edge AI tech, the magic eraser tool will instantly erase the background area and allow you to save the photo with a transparent background or add a new background of your choice. Easy as pie.

Endless Graphics

When you are creating, you want the best design resources at your fingertips. With a huge collection of highly curated, constantly updated, free to use templates, photos, backgrounds, stickers, shapes, filters, overlays and fonts, you can create the most amazing designs without sweating it. Your imagination is the only limitation.

An artistic design of a woman with dripping glasses made with Bazaart photo editor inside the app's interface
An artistic design of a woman and koi fish made with Bazaart photo editor inside the app's interface
A koi fish

Mix It Up

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Well, sometimes a picture just doesn’t cut it anymore. In Bazaart photo editor, you can easily combine photos, text and graphics and create something completely new.

Your designs are always auto-saved so you can revisit them whenever you feel like and edit any layer. You can focus on your design and we’ll take care of the rest.

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