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Deep Learning Model Deployment Engineer (Computer Vision)

Full Time

At Bazaart, we develop a design platform for everyone. Our mission is to enable ordinary people to create extraordinary things. To make that happen, we assembled an awesome team, where every person does meaningful work, has a big impact, and grows with us.

As lead AI algorithms computer vision engineer, you will be responsible for developing the company’s AI services, which will help people easily perform complex editing and design tasks, such as automatic background removal, object identification, partial photo coloring and more.

We are looking for applicants with a strong R&D background who are versatile and can learn new skills quickly. Applicants should have a good mathematical background and feel comfortable and enjoy reading academic papers as well as implement these concepts in concrete production ready environments.


You’ll be in charge of deploying deep learning models to our users on cloud & mobile platforms.


  • Serving models on AWS, creating an integration layer with torchserve.
  • Working together with our highly experienced DevOps and high standard requirements.
  • Optimize models for cloud computing – select the appropriate machine that meets the requirements, optimize the model itself.
  • Make sure models are served with low latency.


  • Develop or use quantization algorithms that will translate neural networks to limited precision representation with minimum distortion and degradation.
  • Be familiar With Vendors HW architecture, catch up with the latest vendor updates (e.g. Apple’s WWDC).
  • Transform neural networks into more efficient versions while maintaining good performance. This typically involves modifying the networks and retraining the efficient version to achieve the best performance possible.


  • B.Sc. in CS/EE/Math/Physics from a University or military equivalent experience.
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks (pytorch / tensorflow)
  • Significant experience development in python/C.
  • Experience with AWS/GCP/Azure
  • Research experience equivalent to MS.c thesis or greater.
  • Experience in system or architecture roles.
  • Passion for becoming an expert in the field of deep learning.
  • Hard-working, committed, and self-reliant.


  • Experience with the development of deployment of computer vision products.
  • Experience with CoreML

Work is divided between two days in our lovely office in Tel-Aviv and the rest from home. The team is still small (but very high quality!) so you’ll have a chance to do meaningful work and drive impact. Part time position is an option.

If you don’t meet 100% of the requirements– no worries!